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  • Intermittent Claudicationicon - Vitacost Health Library
  • Chronic Venous Insufficiencyicon - Vitacost Health Library
  • Claudication - The Natural Pharmacist
  • Do you have any product suggestions for someone who suffers from intermittent claudication? - Life Extension Magazine, 12/03
  • The Best Kept Secret in Heart Health - Natural Foods Merchandiser, 11/03 - "There's a lot of material in the scientific journals [on carnitine's benefit for] intermittent claudication [atherosclerosis-induced leg pain], angina pectoris [chest pain] and congestive heart failure ... individuals with intermittent claudication experienced a 73 percent improvement in walking distance when they took 2 grams of carnitine daily"
  • Policosanol more Effective than Lovastatin for Intermittent Claudication - New Hope Natural Media, 5/29/03 - "Those taking policosanol had a 34% increase in pain-free walking distance, while no change was observed in those taking lovastatin. Quality of life was also reported as being significantly better in the policosanol group compared with the lovastatin group. Both treatment groups had significant reductions in total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. However, participants taking policosanol had a significant 32% increase in HDL cholesterol and a 6% decrease in fibrinogen, while these parameters remained unchanged in those receiving lovastatin" - See iHerb or Vitacosticon policosanol products.  Claudication gets my attention because my father has it and if there is a hereditary factor, I want to prevent it. - Ben
  • Natural products to lower cholesterol levels - Don't forget niacin - Dr. Murray's Newsletter , 4/23/03 - "The percentage increase in HDL cholesterol, a more significant indicator for coronary heart disease, was dramatically in favor of niacin (33 vs. 7%). Equally as impressive was the percentage decrease in Lp(a) for niacin. While niacin produced a 35% reduction in Lp(a) lipoprotein levels, lovastatin did not produce any effect. Other studies have shown that niacin can lower Lp(a) levels by an average of 38% ... Another approach to reduce flushing is to use inositol hexaniacinate. This form of niacin has long been used in Europe to lower cholesterol levels and also to improve blood flow in intermittent claudication - a peripheral vascular disease that is quite common in diabetes. It yields slightly better clinical results than standard niacin, but is much better tolerated, in terms of both flushing and, more importantly, long-term side-effects"
  • L-Carnitine Aids Circulation in Legs - Nutrition Science News, 12/01
  • Cuban Lipid Crisis - Nutrition Science News, 11/01 - "Policosanol is similar in function and potency to some statin drugs ... After using 10 mg/day policosanol for two years, study participants tripled their treadmill walking distance. The placebo group experienced insignificant change"
  • A long-term study of policosanol in the treatment of intermittent claudication - Angiology 2001 Feb;52(2):115-125 - "After 6 months of therapy, policosanol significantly increased (p < 0.01) the initial claudication distance from 125.9 +/- 8.7 m to 201.1 +/- 24.8 m and the absolute claudication distance from 219.5 +/- 14.1 m to 380.7 +/- 50.2 m. Both variables remained unchanged in the placebo group (p < 0.01). These effects did not wear off but improved after long-term therapy, so that final values were 333.5 +/- 28.6 m (initial claudication distance) and 648.9 +/- 54.1 m (absolute claudication distance); both significantly greater (p < 0.0001) than those obtained in the placebo group, which showed values of 137.9 +/- 21.8 m (initial claudication distance) and 237.7 +/- 28.1 m (absolute claudication distance), respectively"
  • Ginkgo Biloba May Help Some With Painful Leg Cramps - WebMD, 3/30/00


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