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  • Oral Arginine Emerges as Potential Adjuvant for Vaso-Occlusive Crisis Management - Medscape, 12/11/19 - "Oral arginine supplementation significantly increased plasma arginine levels and improved acute pain-related outcomes in Nigerian children with sickle cell disease ... Low plasma arginine levels are associated with acute pain requiring hospitalization in Nigerian children with sickle cell disease, and have also been shown in a prior study in the United States to predict pediatric vaso-occlusion ... Despite similar baseline Numerical Pain Scale (PS) scores (8.7 and 8.4 on a 0–10 scale), day 5 pain scores were 1.2 vs. 2.0, and the mean daily rate of decline was 1.5 vs. 1.1 cm/day ... By day 5, 54% of patients on arginine were already home, as compared with just 24% in the placebo arm" - See L-arginine products at Amazon.com.
  • Depression linked to reduced arginine levels - Science Daily, 2/21/18 - "Arginine is an amino acid which the body uses to produce, e.g., nitric oxide. Nitric oxide, in turn, is a nervous system and immune defence mediator, and it also plays a role in vascular regulation ... It is possible that depression-induced inflammatory responses lead to reduced arginine levels. This may result in insufficient production of nitric oxide for the needs of the nervous system and circulation. However, we don't know yet what exactly causes reduced arginine bioavailability in people with depression ... The concentrations of three amino acids, namely arginine, citrulline and ornithine, were analysed from their fasting glucose samples, and this data was used to calculate their GABRs ... Although our study shows that people with depression have reduced arginine bioavailability, this doesn't mean that taking an arginine supplement would protect against depression. That's an area for further research ... Arginine bioavailability was slightly higher in people who had recovered from depression than in people who remained depressed. However, a more extensive set of data and a longer follow-up period are necessary for estimating arginine's role in depression recovery"
  • Naturally occurring amino acid could improve oral health - Science Daily, 5/7/15 - "in the lab L-arginine -- found in red meat, poultry, fish and dairy products, and is already used in dental products for tooth sensitivity--stopped the formation of dental plaque ... nearly 24 percent of adults in the United States have untreated dental caries, and about 39 percent have moderate-to-severe periodontitis, a number that rises to 64 percent for those over age 65 ... It appears arginine can change how cells stick together, and can trigger bacteria within biofilms to alter how they behave so that they no longer stick to surfaces"
  • Chowing down on watermelon could lower blood pressure, study suggests - Science Daily, 4/3/14 - "the group was divided into two. For the first six weeks, one group was given four grams of the amino acid L-citrulline and two grams of L-arginine per day, both from watermelon extract. The other group was given a placebo for 6 weeks ... consuming watermelon had a positive impact on aortic blood pressure and other vascular parameters" - See L-citrulline at Amazon.com and L-arginine products at Amazon.com.
  • Arginine Therapy Shows Promise for Sickle Cell Pain - Science Daily, 9/16/13 - "A deficiency of nitric oxide, a potent vasodilator, has been identified in sickle cell disease and may contribute to episodes of blocked vessels and pain. Since arginine is a building block of nitric oxide, researchers hypothesized that arginine could be a beneficial treatment for pain related to sickle cell disease ... a randomized, double blind placebo control clinical trial of 38 children with sickle cell disease hospitalized for 56 episodes of pain. The research team discovered a 54 percent reduction in the use of opioid pain medication and significantly lower pain scores at hospital discharge in those treated with arginine over those receiving placebo"
  • Amino Acid With Promising Anti-Diabetic Effects - Science Daily, 9/9/13 - "the amino acid is just as effective as several well-established drugs for type 2 diabetics ... researchers subjected lean and obese animal models to a so-called glucose tolerance test, which measures the body's ability to remove glucose from the blood over time ... both lean and fat laboratory mice benefit considerably from arginine supplements. In fact, we improved glucose metabolism by as much as 40% in both groups. We can also see that arginine increases the body's production of glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), an intestinal hormone which plays an important role in regulating appetite and glucose metabolism, and which is therefore used in numerous drugs for treating type 2 diabetes"
  • Arginine and proline enriched diet may speed wound healing in diabetes - Science Daily, 11/15/12 - "Researchers divided 18 rats into three groups that were either fed a standard diet, a high-protein diet, or a high protein diet supplemented with arginine and proline (ARG+PRO) ... Rats on both high protein diets had better nitrogen balance than those on the standard diet. However, the wounds of the rats on the ARG+PRO diet showed more new blood vessel growth on day 5. New blood vessel growth is an essential part of wound healing as the blood vessels supply nutrition and oxygen to growing tissue ... arginine and proline supplementation could offer new hope for effective treatment in diabetic patients with chronic wounds" - See L-arginine products at Amazon.com and L-proline products at Amazon.com.
  • Effect of Oral L-Arginine Supplementation on Blood Pressure - Medscape, 12/30/11 - "This meta-analysis of randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trials brought evidence that oral L-arginine supplementation, compared with placebo, significantly lowered systolic BP by 5.39 mm Hg (95% CI −8.54 to −2.25) and diastolic BP by 2.66 mm Hg (95% CI −3.77 to −1.54)"
  • Dietary Supplement May Help Prevent Preeclampsia - WebMD, 5/19/11 - "women who ate daily food bars containing the amino acid L-arginine and antioxidant vitamins during pregnancy had a much lower incidence of preeclampsia than women who ate bars containing the antioxidant vitamins alone or bars containing neither supplement ... far fewer of the women in the L-arginine plus vitamin group developed preeclampsia (12.7%) than women in the vitamin-alone (22.5%) group and no-supplement (30.2%) group"
  • The Effects of L-Arginine and Yohimbine on Sexual Arousal in Postmenopausal Women with FSAD - University of Texas at Austin Dept. of Psychiatry
  • Research identifies the herbal supplements that are effective in treating anxiety - Science Daily, 10/6/10 - "A systematic review of research into the use of nutritional supplements for the treatment of anxiety disorders has found strong evidence for the use of extracts of passionflower or kava and combinations of L-lysine and L-arginine ... We found mixed results -- while passionflower or kava and L-lysine and L-arginine appeared to be effective, St John's Wort and magnesium supplements were not"
  • Nutritional and herbal supplements for anxiety and anxiety-related disorders: systematic review - Nutr J. 2010 Oct 7;9(1):42 - "based on this systematic review, strong evidence exists for the use of herbal supplements containing extracts of passionflower or kava and combinations of L-lysine and L-arginine as treatments for anxiety symptoms and disorders. Magnesium-containing supplements and other herbal combinations may hold promise, but more research is needed before these products can be recommended to patients. St. John's wort monotherapy has insufficient evidence for use as an effective anxiolytic treatment"
  • Arginine Discovery Could Help Fight Human Obesity - Science Daily, 2/12/09 - "arginine, an amino acid, reduces fat mass in diet-induced obese rats and could help fight human obesity ... dietary arginine supplementation shifts nutrient partitioning to promote skeletal-muscle gain ... The findings were published recently in the Journal of Nutrition ... arginine supplementation for a 12-week period decreased the body fat gains of low-fat and high-fat fed rats by 65 percent and 63 percent, respectively. The long-term arginine treatment did not have any adverse effects on either group ... funded by the American Heart Association"
  • Pine bark extract boost for blood flow and heart health - Nutra USA, 10/18/07 - "Acetylcholine stimulates the cells of arteries to produce NO from L-arginine faster ... In turn, the NO causes the muscle surrounding arteries to relax, which results in an increase of blood vessel diameters. When subjects had taken Pycnogenol the relaxation of arteries was increased by 42 per cent as compared to the group taking placebo tablets" - See Pycnogenol at Amazon.com and citicholine at Amazon.com.
  • Statins' Effect on Endothelial Function Enhanced by L-arginine in Some Patients - Doctor's Guide, 6/11/07 - "endothelium-dependent dilation (EDD) ... simvastatin had no appreciable effect on EDD (6.2+/-1.2% vs. 6.1+/-0.9%) in subjects with elevated ADMA. However, the addition of L-arginine to simvastatin significantly improved EDD (9.8+/-1.5% vs. 5.3+/-0.8%; P <.01). There were also significant improvements in EDD in response to L-arginine alone"
  • Restoring Sexual Potency? - Dr. Weil, 5/4/06 - "Arginine ... Ginkgo biloba ... Ashwaganda"
  • Don't Take L-Arginine for Heart Attack - WebMD, 1/3/06 - "All six deaths were among the 78 heart attack patients who added L-arginine to their normal medical treatment regimen. There were no deaths among the 75 heart attack patients who did not receive L-arginine"
  • The high five for hypertension - Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, 12/04 - "Co-enzyme Q10 ... Omega-3 fatty acids ... Garlic ... L-arginine ... Calcium"
  • OTC Cream Improves Blood Flow in Feet - WebMD, 1/8/04 - "arginine does increase blood flow, but it is not yet clear if this translates into fewer foot ulcers or better healing of ulcers"
  • Nitric Oxide Now -- Ask Me How -  WashingtonPost.com, 10/6/03 - "In the arteries, the innermost layer of cells releases nitric oxide to signal smooth muscle cells to dilate (increase the diameter of) the arteries. This allows blood to flow more freely, particularly during exercise ... By the 1990s, many scientists saw nitric oxide as the next great weapon for treating heart disease, impotence and even bacterial infections ... Niteworks has L-arginine and also L-citrulline, which recycles spent L-arginine by resupplying it with atoms it lost producing nitric oxide ... "Ninety dollars a month? That's obscene," Murad said. "You can probably get [vitamin] C and E for pennies a day. You can probably get arginine for about a dollar a day"" - See L-citrulline at Amazon.com.
  • Arginine Supplements May Help Treat Pulmonary Hypertension in Sickle Cell - Medscape, 6/30/03
  • Protecting Blood Vessels From Stress - WebMD, 1/15/03 - "vitamins can improve blood flow and prevent the long-term development of atherosclerosis -- or hardening of the arteries -- when given in combination with an amino acid known as L-arginine ... antioxidants might work together with L-arginine to prevent inflammation in the branch areas of blood vessels ... although antioxidants may not reverse or repair pre-existing damage within blood vessels, they may slow the long-term progression of atherosclerosis"
  • L-Arginine Minimises Stroke Damage in Mitochondrial Encephalomyopathy with Lactic Acidosis and Stroke-like Episodes - Doctor's Guide, 10/16/02
  • Natural Remedy for Erectile Dysfunction - New Hope Natural Media, 9/5/02 - "received three separate treatments for two weeks each, in random order: (1) 3.25 grams of arginine plus 6 mg of yohimbine, (2) yohimbine alone and (3) placebo ... Combination treatment was considered successful by 40% of the participants, compared with 28.9% with yohimbine alone and 17.8% with placebo ... Arginine is available in health food stores without a prescription, but yohimbine can be obtained only with a doctor's prescription. Although the herb yohimbe is sold in health food stores, it contains much less yohimbine than the amount used in the new study" - See l-arginine at Amazon.com.
  • Yohimbine Plus L-Arginine Potential Therapy For Mild To Moderate Erectile Dysfunction - Doctor's Guide, 7/31/02 - "randomly assigned 45 men with erectile dysfunction to treatment with 6 mg of L-arginine glutamate combined with 6 mg of yohimbine hydrochloride, to 6 mg of yohimbine hydrochloride alone, or to placebo ... They took the drugs orally one to two hours before intended sexual intercourse ... Changes in this score [Index of Erectile Function (IIEF)] were significantly greater among patients taking yohimbine plus L-arginine compared to those taking placebo" - Note: That "6 mg of L-arginine glutamate" has to be a misprint.  It probably should have been 6 grams as in a U. of Texas study on postmenopausal women.
  • Arginine and Fish Oil May Help Cancer Patients Undergoing Chemotherapy - Life Extension Magazine, 7/02
  • L-Arginine Application Speeds Healing of Anal Fissure - Doctor's Guide, 6/10/02
  • Concepts and Controversies in Nutrition, Immune-Enhancing Formulas - Medscape, 3/21/02 - "Immune-enhancing formulas (IEFs), also known as immune-modulating formulas, include arginine, glutamine, nucleic acids, and omega-3 fatty acids"
  • The Wizard is Oz - Life Extension Magazine, 11/01 - "Best-selling author and nutritional guru to the rich and famous, Oz Garcia is singing the praises of the Life Extension Foundation and its products in his newest book, The Healthy High Tech Body, published in September 2001 ... Supplements at the top of Garcia's list of recommendations ... DHA ... NADH ... Alpah Lipoic Acid ... Acetyl-L-Carnitine ... An expanded list of his recommendations includes lycopene, gamma tocopherol, vinpocetine, SAMe, folic acid, carnosine, glutathione, DMAE, Huperzine A, probiotics, MSM, secretagogues, arginine pyroglutamate, IP-6, bioflavonoid formulas and grape skin/seed extracts"
  • Nutritional Supplement Boosts Immune Function In Surgery Patients - Intelihealth, 9/13/01 - "A new study published in the journal Lancet suggests that people who are at high risk of infection after heart surgery may benefit from taking a nutritional supplement containing L-arginine and omega-3 fatty acids"
  • Quinopril and L-Arginine Improves Endothelial Function In Hypertensive Patients - Doctor's Guide, 6/21/01
  • Study: Supplement Can Help Take the 'Dys' Out of Female Sexual Dysfunction, Researchers Promote Idea of 'Sexual Wellness' - WebMD, 6/5/01 - "ArginMax -- a dietary cocktail consisting of ginseng, ginkgo, B vitamins, calcium, folic acid, and other vitamins and minerals -- is being heralded as one component of a lifestyle that improves sexual performance and helps prevent problems associated with intimacy"
  • Want a love potion? What to know before you try - CNN, 6/15/00 - "a study of 21 men with "mild to moderate" impotence taking a supplement called ArginMax (3,000 milligrams per day) found big improvements in erection and sexual satisfaction."
  • Immune-Enhancing Therapy Shortens Hospital Stays By Three Days - Doctor's Guide, 12/23/99 - "The trials, conducted at medical centers in the U.S. and Europe, compared patients receiving standard enteral nutrition with patients who received commercially available immune-enhancing therapies containing arginine and glutamine (naturally occurring amino acids), nucleotides (found in yeast), and omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil) ... Our study shows that immunonutrition can make a significant contribution to reducing the number of infections and length of hospital stay in critically ill patients"
  • Women and Sex Drive -  Life Enhancement Magazine, 12/99 - "Because the amino acid arginine is the precursor to nitric oxide, its ingestion and concomitant elevation in the serum accomplish much the same goal as Viagra, as several studies have borne out"
  • Arginine for Muscles, Memory, Sex and More - Life Enhancement Magazine, 12/99 - "Arginine is the primary source of the nitrogen that results in production of the important biomolecule nitric oxide (NO) ... NO helps defend the body against invading bacteria2 and parasites. In the brain, where it is formed in nerve cells, it diffuses in all directions, activating all cells in the vicinity, thus modulating many functions, including behavior and gastrointestinal transit flow. The release of NO is absolutely essential for motor learning in the cerebellum (coordination), and it also appears to be necessary for long-term potentiation in the brain, which is the mechanism involved in long-term memory. NO is now also thought to be important in our olfactory (smelling) sensations and our capacity to identify different scents ... Free arginine has been shown to help prevent a destructive process known as cross-linking, which is associated with accelerated aging. Excessive cross-linking reactions inevitably damage the kidneys, necessitating dialysis in advanced age"
  • Study finds new therapy for impotence - CNN, 10/27/99 - "Nitric oxide is the messenger, if you will, the signaling molecule, and without that signal you can't get that signal from the brain to the penis for the erectile process ... An amino acid call L-argenine produces nitric oxide in the body"
  • Be All That You Can Be - Life Enhancement Magazine, 7/99 - "the erections were harder and longer-lasting and so forth when they were using L-arginine. The two studies I have in mind used 2,800 mg and 2,500 mg of arginine, respectively"
  • Viagra anniversary sees herbal competitors by the dozens - CNN, 3/26/99 - "Since the main problem in impotence is actually a problem with circulation of the blood vessels in the penis, l-arginine holds great promise for men with physical impotence"
  • Prosexual Enhancement - Life Enhancement Magazine, 3/97 - "According to numerous anecdotal reports from highly satisfied arginine users since the early 1980s, dietary L-arginine can give men erections that are bigger, harder, more frequent, and longer lasting. Some men also report that L-arginine gives them greater endurance. In women, L-arginine has been reported to increase the intensity of sensation during sex. One highly athletic 30-something woman tells about the time she told her doctor about her L-arginine use. "My doctor almost fell off his chair when I told him how many times a night I do it - six-times," she said. "He's definitely taking arginine now, too.""