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Abraxane/Taxol (paclitaxel)

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  • Early Study Shows Spice Stunts Deadly Spread To Lungs - Science Daily, 10/16/05 - "Curcumin ... inhibits metastasis to the lungs of mice with breast cancer ... Treatment using Taxol alone only "modestly reduced" the incidence of metastases, while the group using curcumin alone and curcumin plus Taxol "significantly reduced" both the incidence and numbers of visible lung metastases" - See iHerb or Vitacosticon curcumin products.
  • Curry Spice May Curb Breast Cancer's Spread - WebMD, 6/9/05 - "Less than a quarter of the mice in the curcumin-plus-Taxol group had cancer that spread to the lungs. So did half of the curcumin group. In comparison, cancer spread to the lungs in three-fourths of the Taxol group and almost all (95%) mice that got no treatment"

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