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News & Research:

  • Re-energizing the aging brain - Science Daily, 3/17/16 - "In our new study, we show that long-term dietary supplementation with pyruvate increases the energy reserves in the brain, at least in mice, in the form of the molecules glycogen, creatine and lactate ... The mice became more energetic and increased their explorative activity. It appears that these behavioral changes are directly due to the effect of pyruvate on brain function, since we didn't find that these mice had developed greater muscle force or endurance ... The dose necessary to achieve these effects was about 800 mg pyruvate per day -- which corresponds to about 10 g per day in humans -- given to the mice in normal chow over a period of 2.5 to 6 months" - See pyruvate at Amazon.com.
  • Weight Loss, Slimming, and Diabetes-Management Supplements (Chromium, CLA, and Pyruvate) review - ConsumerLab.com - "One of the pyruvate products failed to pass the review because its labeling did not clearly indicate the amount of pyruvate in the product and was potentially misleading. The product name included the words "Pyruvate 1000" but the ingredients indicated that each tablet, in fact, had 1,000 mg of a pyruvate "complex" — meaning that pyruvate accounted for an unspecified percentage of the 1,000 mg amount. In fact, testing showed the product to contain only 240 mg of pyruvate per tablet — less than one-quarter of what one might have expected"