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idebedone / idebenone

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News & Research:

  • How CoQ10 Protects Brain Cells - Life Extension Magazine, 10/01 - "While we do not yet know whether CoQ10 has a place in Alzheimer’s disease prevention or therapy, a synthetic analogue of the CoQ10 family called idebedone has yielded impressive results in several European and Japanese clinical trials for Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias ... On average, patients taking the higher dose of idebenone improved by 2.3 points on the 120 point scale as a result of treatment. The more severe the disease was at the beginning of the study, the more the patient improved, on average. Those patients who began the study with an ADAS score of at least 20 points showed gains averaging 4.1 points compared to placebo. The largest gains were on cognitive tasks, reaching 6.9 points compared to placebo on the 50 point ADAS Cognitive Scale in patients with the most severe disease (total ADAS score of at least 50 points) taking the higher dose. Of course the results of this study are not transferable to CoQ10. The drug idebedone is not available in the U.S."
  • Idebenone - James South

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