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French Oak Extract

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  • Review of Clinical Effects and Presumed Mechanism of Action of the French Oak Wood Extract Robuvit - J Med Food 2021 Jan 28 - "Since ancient times, oak wood polyphenols are consumed concomitantly with beverages that are stored and aged in oak wood barrels. Among these polyphenols are roburins, which belong to the class of ellagitannins and only occur in oak ... Supplementation of Robuvit is ascribed to aid chronically fatigued or burnt-out individuals to regain higher energy and activity levels. Robuvit has been further shown to improve conditions such as renal insufficiency, liver insufficiency, mild heart failure, posttraumatic stress disorder and fatigue after surgery and facilitate recovery from mild health impairments such as flu or hangover. There are also indications that Robuvit helps improve erectile function and general loss of vigor in elderly men. Ex vivo gene expression experiments using metabolites collected from Robuvit consumers point to increased ribosomal biogenesis in endothelial, neuronal, and keratinocyte cells. Higher ribosome density accelerates the peptide production to meet protein demand, making Robuvit a potential enhancer of physical endurance and performance. A study with recreational athletes, supplemented with Robuvit daily, reported significantly increased performance in triathlon" - [Nutra USA] - See Robuvit® at Amazon.com.
  • Exploring the concept of vigor and dys-vigor in men of 50-65 years: effects of Robuvit® - Panminerva Med 2020 Sep - "The concept of vigor, partially associated with premature aging, decreased level of activity and exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, appears to be a quantifiable entity. Robuvit® supplementation - previously shown to be effective in chronic fatigue syndrome, convalescence, post-mononucleosis, PTSD or in liver failure - improves vigor; further evaluations need to be planned according to the concept of this pilot registry" - [Nutra USA]
  • The Oak–Wood Extract Robuvit® Improves Recovery and Oxidative Stress after Hysterectomy: A Randomized, Double-blind, Placebo-Controlled Pilot Study - "The supplementation with Robuvit® (300 mg/day) during 4 weeks significantly improved general and mental health, while under placebo some items significantly deteriorated. Oxidative stress and enhancement of MMP–9 activity was significantly reduced by Robuvit® versus placebo. After 8 weeks of intervention, the patients’ condition improved independently of the intervention. Our results suggest that the use of Robuvit® as a natural supplement relieves post-operative symptoms of patients after hysterectomy and reduces oxidative stress" - [Nutra USA]
  • Supplementation with Robuvit® in post-traumatic stress disorders associated to high oxidative stress - Minerva Med. 2018 Oct;109(5):363-368 - "After 4 weeks, the percentages of subjects with recurrent memories and dreams, transient walking-dissociative states and reactive flashbacks/hallucinations, alarm reactions and intense emotional distress, emotional numbness, social disinterest and detachment were significantly lower in the subjects treated with Robuvit® (P<0.05%). Sleeping problems, irritability, and fatigue were also significantly reduced with supplementation." - [Nutra USA]
  • Mononucleosis-related fatigue: supplementary management with Robuvit® - Minerva Pediatr. 2018 Oct;70(5):425-429: - "After 4 weeks of treatment, a significant reduction in the rate of symptoms was evident in the Robuvit® group compared to the control group ... Supplementation with Robuvit® is safe, well tolerated, and effective in controlling oxidative stress levels and improving fatigue and other symptoms related to IM episodes during the convalescence period" - [Nutra USA]
  • Improvement in mood, oxidative stress, fatigue, and insomnia following supplementary management with Robuvit® - J Neurosurg Sci. 2018 Aug;62(4):423-42 - "Oxidative stress (OS) plays a substantial role in inflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases, causing cellular damage and mitochondrial dysfunction. OS also contributes to aging and severe neural disorders such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases ... They received three capsules of Robuvit® 100 mg per day, for 8 weeks ... Tolerability to the supplementation with Robuvit® was overall good, and no safety concerns were raised. Mood tests showed a significant general improvement in 13 out of 16 items of the BMIS (P<0.05) in the active treatment group. Oxidative stress levels decreased significantly with Robuvit® supplementation after 4 and 8 weeks. Fatigue and insomnia score were also significantly better in supplemented subjects (P<0.05). No changes were observed in controls" - [Nutra USA]
  • Supplementation with Robuvit® in subjects with burnout associated to high oxidative stress - Minerva Med. 2018 Jun;109(3):211-217 - "This supplement registry study evaluated the effect of supplementation with Robuvit® on the burnout syndrome (BOS) of patients with significant fatigue and high oxidative stress. Robuvit® (French oak wood extract) is a standardized supplement, effective in treating chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and convalescence ... Subjects followed a standard management (SM); one half of the subjects received 300 mg/day of Robuvit® for 4 weeks in addition to SM ... Robuvit® by controlling fatigue (the primary symptom) and oxidative stress, relieves the most important 'symptoms' associated with BOS. The effects are comparable in young surgeons not accustomed to stress, as well as in professionals in management positions who are used to control stress" - [Nutra USA]
  • Robuvit®: improvement of fatigue in medical convalescence - J Sports Med Phys Fitness. 2018 May;58(5):678-683 - "Weakness and heart rate were significantly reduced with Robuvit® in comparison with the controls (P<0.05) at 10 days and at 3 weeks; Attention and sleep patterns improved significantly at 3 weeks with Robuvit® (P<0.05) in comparison to controls. Recovery after efforts was normalized at 10 days in the supplement group, significantly better versus controls (P<0.05). O2 saturation increased significantly with Robuvit® at 10 days in comparison to controls (P<0.05). The alterations in working/concentration capacity were better improved with the supplement (P<0.05). Oxidative stress was significantly decreased (P<0.05) in comparison to controls. The improvement of health according to the Karrnofsky Scale was significantly more pronounced in the Robuvit® group (P<0.05). The supplement was well tolerated" - See Robuvit® at Amazon.com.