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Homeland Secretary Napolitano predicts severe flu epidemic for fall - USATODAY.com, 8/4/09 - "U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano asserted Tuesday that pandemic flu is likely to flare up soon after schools open in the fall, well before any vaccine is available ... The flu strain causing the pandemic, a new strain of H1N1 flu that is also known as swine flu, is especially dangerous because it is genetically different from virtually every other known flu virus. As a result, most people are defenseless against it ... She said it's more likely that the pandemic would mirror 1957, when flu killed about 70,000 people in the USA and more than one million people worldwide ... That's about twice the death toll of seasonal flu, which annually kills about 36,000 people and results in 200,000 hospitalization"
Swine Flu Could Eventually Affect 40% of Americans: CDC - US News and World Report, 7/24/09
CDC: 40% of American's will be affected by Swine Flu - 2:32 news video, 8/3/09 - It claims it can even be spread via paper or the mail.
Swine Flu: To Panic Or Not -- That Is The Question - Science Daily, 4/30/09 - "Wash your hands. “Hand hygiene can not be stressed enough""
Note:  Purell Aloe seems the be the most popular and it's already hard to get.  It might be even harder this winter.

From Betty Mills:

Purell® TFX™ Touch-Free Dispenser

$22.84 EA

PROVON® TFX™ Medicated Foam Handwash with Advanced Moisturizers Refill

$64.83 CS

TFX™ Green Certified Foam Hand Cleaner Refill

$56.14 CS

PROVON® TFX™ Foam Handwash with Advanced Moisturizers Refill

$52.36 CS

PROVON® TFX™ Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

$31.22 EA

TFX™ Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

$28.32 EA

Purell® TFX™ Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Refill

$18.77 EA

Purell® TFX™ Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam Refill

$34.82 EA

Purell® TFX™ Touch Free Dispenser - Brushed Metallic

$56.88 EA

Purell® TFX™ Instant Hand Sanitizer Gel Refills

$60.37 CS

TFX™ Premium Foam Handwash

$43.05 CS

TFX™ Premium Antibacterial Foam Handwash

$48.27 CS

Purell® TFX™ Instant Hand Sanitizer Foam Refills

$59.61 CS

TFX™ Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

$26.62 EA

TFX™ MICRELL® Foaming Antibacterial Handwash Refills

$66.48 CS

Micrell® TFX™ Touch-Free Soap Dispenser

$31.94 EA

TFX™ Touch Free Dispenser - Brushed Metallic

$60.51 EA

GOJO PURELL INSTANT HAND SANITIZER Instant Hand Sanitizer w/aloe, 1200mL TFX Refill, Clear, 4/cs at Amazon.com (Betty Mills didn't sell the aloe (my favorite).

Gojo Tfx 1200ml Gray Purell Touch Free Dispnr - at Amazon.com (another option for the plastic version).

Zwipes Microfiber 36-Pack of Cleaning Cloths at Amazon.com.  I use the instead of towels in the guest bath.  I use the following to dispense them:

Simplehuman KT1000 Grocery Bag Holder - Yeah, it's for plastic grocery bags but works great for the microfiber cloths.

Simplehuman Profile Step Cans - I use this for the dirty rags.  How much more sanitary can you get.

Polder Accordion Drying Rack - Save the environment and dry the cloths with this solar dryer.

Here are the same products from Amazon.com with the pictures:


If you do the math it's about 28% cheaper ($0.37/ounce vs $0.5154/ounce) if you buy 9 (gives you free shipping) of Purell Instant Hand Sanitizer Refill, Aloe & Vitamin E icon(16 ounce each) at drugstore.com and drill a 5/16 inch whole in the top of the refill container and refill it that way.  If the 5/16 inch whole bothers you, you could probably get a small rubber or regular cork at a hardware store.  I stuck and old navy earplug in mine. Something like the Hearos Ear Plugs, Ultimate Softness at drugstore.com should work.icon  However, even at the $83.49 for a case of 4 (with shipping cost) of the regular refills, they claim 2000 uses for each refill.  Divide $83.49 by 8000 and you get a hair over a penny for each use.  So refilling via the drugstore.com 16 ounce refills would be about $0.0075 (3/4th of a penny) per use.

Click here for a video:

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