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Urolithin A

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  • Urolithin A - Wiki - "Pomegranate fruits, walnuts or raspberries are sources of ellagitannins.[4][5][6] Ellagitannins are hydrolyzed in the gut to release ellagic acid, which is further processed by the gut microflora into urolithins through the loss of one of its two lactones and by successive removal of hydroxyl groups ... While studies have shown that Gordonibacter urolithinfaciens and Gordonibacter pamelaeae play a role in the conversion of ellagic acids and ellagitannins into urolithin A, the microorganisms responsible for the complete transformation into the final urolithins are still unknown.[3] The efficiency of the conversion of ellagitannins into urolithin A significantly varies in humans, and some individuals do not show any conversion"
  • Urolithin A attenuates diabetes-associated cognitive impairment by ameliorating intestinal barrier dysfunction via N-glycan biosynthesis pathway - Mol Nutr Food Res 2022 Feb 20 - "This study aimed to investigate the effect of Urolithin A (UA) on diabetes-associated cognitive impairment in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) mouse model induced by high-fat diet (HFD) and streptozotocin (STZ) ... Although UA shares similar beneficial effects on diabetes with metformin, unlike metformin, the effect of UA is independent of gut microbiome and short chain fatty acids. Taken together, these data suggested that feeding UA can attenuate diabetes-associated cognitive impairment by ameliorating systemic inflammation and intestinal barrier dysfunction via N-glycan biosynthesis pathway. The study implied UA as a potential novel pharmaceutic target for diabetes therapy via manipulating gut-brain axis and N-glycan metabolism" - See urolithin a supplement at Amazon.com.
  • Urolithin A alleviates acute kidney injury induced by renal ischemia reperfusion through the p62-Keap1-Nrf2 signaling pathway - Phytother Res 2022 Jan 17 - "Acute kidney injury (AKI) induced by renal ischemia reperfusion (RIR) is typically observed in renal surgeries and is a leading cause of renal failure ... Herein, we report the effect of Urolithin A (UA) in a mouse RIR model, wherein we demonstrated its underlying mechanism both in vitro and in vivo. The expression levels of p62 and Keap1 significantly decreased, while that of nuclear Nrf2 increased in vitro in a hypoxia cell model after UA treatment. Furthermore, the apoptosis of tubular cells was attenuated and the reactive oxygen species (ROS) levels were reduced in the kidneys in a mouse RIR model after UA administration. In this study, we demonstrated that UA can alleviate oxidative stress and promote autophagy by activating the p62-Keap1-Nrf2 signaling pathway, which could protect the kidneys from ischemia reperfusion injury."
  • Urolithin A protects dopaminergic neurons in experimental models of Parkinson's disease by promoting mitochondrial biogenesis through the SIRT1/PGC-1α signaling pathway - Food Funct 2021 Dec 14 - "Mitochondrial dysfunction contributes to the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's disease (PD). Therapeutic strategies targeting mitochondrial dysfunction hold considerable promise for the treatment of PD. Recent reports have highlighted the protective role of urolithin A (UA), a gut metabolite produced from ellagic acid-containing foods such as pomegranates, berries and walnuts, in several neurological disorders including Alzheimer's disease and ischemic stroke ... Our results revealed that UA protected against 6-OHDA cytotoxicity and apoptosis in PC12 cells. Meanwhile, administration of UA to 6-OHDA lesioned mice ameliorated both motor deficits and nigral-striatal dopaminergic neurotoxicity. More important, UA treatment significantly attenuated 6-OHDA-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in PC12 cells accompanied by enhanced mitochondrial biogenesis. Mechanistically, we demonstrated that UA exerts neuroprotective effects by promoting mitochondrial biogenesis via SIRT1-PGC-1α signaling pathway. Taken together, these data provide new insights into the novel role of UA in regulating mitochondrial dysfunction and suggest that UA may have potential therapeutic applications for PD" - See urolithin a supplement at Amazon.com.


  • Urolithin A Attenuates Helicobacter pylori-Induced Damage In Vivo - J Agric Food Chem 2022 Sep 15 - "Urolithin A (UA) is a metabolite produced in the gut following the consumption of ellagic acid (EA) rich foods. EA has shown anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anticancer properties. Because EA is poorly absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract, urolithins are considered to play a major role in bioactivity. Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) infection is the most common chronic bacterial infection all over the world. It is potentially hazardous to humans because of its relationship to various gastrointestinal diseases. In this study, we investigated the effect of UA on inflammation by H. pylori. The results indicated that UA attenuated H. pylori-induced inflammation in vitro and in vivo. UA also reduced the secretion of H. pylori virulence factors and tissue injuries in mice. Furthermore, UA decreased the relative abundance of Helicobacteraceae in feces of H. pylori-infected mice. In summary, taking UA effectively inhibited the injury caused by H. pylori" - See urolithin a supplement at Amazon.com.
  • Urolithin A improves mitochondrial health, reduces cartilage degeneration, and alleviates pain in osteoarthritis - Aging Cell 2022 Jul 1 - "Urolithin A (Mitopure) is a natural postbiotic compound that promotes mitophagy and mitochondrial function and beneficially impacts muscle health in preclinical models of aging and in elderly and middle-aged humans. Here, we showed that Urolithin A improved mitophagy and mitochondrial respiration in primary chondrocytes from joints of both healthy donors and OA patients. Furthermore, Urolithin A reduced disease progression in a mouse model of OA, decreasing cartilage degeneration, synovial inflammation, and pain. These improvements were associated with increased mitophagy and mitochondrial content, in joints of OA mice. These findings indicate that UA promotes joint mitochondrial health, alleviates OA pathology, and supports Urolithin A's potential to improve mobility with beneficial effects on structural damage in joints"
  • Urolithin A ameliorates diabetic retinopathy via activation of the Nrf2/HO-1 pathway - Endocr J 2022 Mar 24 - "UA can ameliorate DR by repressing inflammation and oxidative stress via the Nrf2/HO-1 pathway, which suggests that UA could be an effective drug for clinical DR treatment"