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  • Plant compound reduces breast cancer mortality, study suggests - Science Daily, 9/13/11 - "The most important type of phytoestrogens in our Western diet are lignans, which are contained in seeds, particularly flaxseeds, as well as in wheat and vegetables. In the bowel, these substances are turned into enterolactone, which is absorbed by the mucous tissue and which was determined by the Heidelberg researchers as a biomarker in the patients' blood ... Compared to the study subjects with the lowest enterolactone levels, the women with the highest blood levels of this biomarker had an approximately 40 percent lower mortality risk ... Another observation that may be interpreted in this direction is that Asian women are less frequently affected by breast cancer. Their soy-rich diet contains large amounts of another type of phytoestrogens, isoflavones. On the other hand, scientists fear that isoflavones might imitate the growth-promoting properties of real hormones and, thus, accelerate hormone-dependent tumors such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. "It has not yet been finally determined whether lignans in the body imitate the hormone effect or, on the contrary, counteract it,""
  • Lignans linked to healthier, thinner women: Study - Nutra USA, 2/6/09
  • Enterolactone restricts the proliferation of the LNCaP human prostate cancer cell line in vitro - Mol Nutr Food Res. 2008 Apr 8;52(5):567-580 - "The capacity of a pure mammalian lignan, enterolactone (ENL) ... the antiproliferative activity of ENL is a consequence of altered expression of cell cycle associated genes and provides novel molecular evidence for the antiproliferative properties of a pure lignan in prostate cancer"
  • Dietary Lignans Improve Breast Cancer Survival - Medscape, 4/25/08 - "a high intake of lignans was associated with about a 50% reduction in mortality from all causes. This included cardiovascular disease and other cancers"
  • Norway spruce lignans cut hot flushes by 53 per cent - study - Nutra USA, 11/12/07
  • The growing science of lignans’ health benefits - Nutra USA, 8/1/06
  • Strong evidence for lignans’ breast cancer protection - Nutra USA, 6/14/06 - "A high intake of plant lignans could reduce the risk of breast cancer for pre-menopausal women by 78 per cent"
  • A Natural Approach to Menopause - Life Extension Magazine, 4/06 - "For women approaching meno-pause, plant lignans offer important protection against cancer, cognitive decline, and hypertension ..."
  • Study ‘confirms’ lignan dose for menopause supplements - Nutra USA, 3/27/06
  • Lignans may protect against prostate cancer - Nutra USA, 3/8/06 - "High intake of food items rich in phytoestrogens (flaxseed, sunflower seeds, berries, peanuts, beans and soy) was associated with a monotonically decreasing overall risk [26 per cent] of prostate cancer"
  • Lignans linked to better cognitive function - Nutra USA, 5/30/05
  • Flax lignans: a cure for hair loss? - Nutra USA, 5/9/05 - "Ten male sufferers of androgenetic alopecia aged between 20- and 70- years received a 50mg daily dose of SDG in the form of one 250 mg capsule of Acatris’ LinumLife Extra ... eight of the participants reported a modest improvement in their hair loss condition, one reported a great improvement and one reported no effect at all"


  • Lignan Intake and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease J Am Coll Cardiol 2021 Aug 17 - "Increased long-term intake of lignans was associated with a significantly lower risk of total CHD in both men and women. Possible synergistic effects may exist between lignan and fiber intake in relation to CHD risk reduction, possibly through enhancing the production of enterolignans"
  • Dietary Phytoestrogen Intake Is Associated with Reduced Colorectal Cancer Risk - J Nutr. 2006 Dec;136(12):3046-3053 - "Dietary lignan intake was associated with a significant reduction in colorectal cancer risk [OR (T3 vs. T1) = 0.73; 95% CI: 0.56, 0.94], as was isoflavone intake [OR (T3 vs. T1) = 0.71"