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Cordyceps Sinensis

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News & Research:

  • Chinese Mushroom May Offer Energy Lift - WebMD, 4/20/04 - "12 weeks of supplementation with CordyMax, a dietary supplement made from the fermented Cordyceps mushroom, produced slight but significant increases in several measures of exercise capacity, metabolism, and endurance in healthy, sedentary adults"
  • Medicinal Mushrooms Come Out of the Dark - Natural Foods Merchandiser, 7/03
  • Mycological Medicine - Functional Foods & Nutraceuticals, 1/02
  • ACSM Conference Unveils Performance Enhancers - Nutrition Science News, 9/01 - "Researchers have shown that using the medicinal mushroom Cordyceps sinensis (Cs-4 CordyMax) for six weeks results in peak oxygen uptake and anaerobic threshold in older humans ... supplementation with 4.5 g/day Cs-4 CordyMax ... Results showed that the supplement prevented increased body weight during training, reduced submaximal heart rate and blood lactate during exercise, and enhanced fat metabolism, thereby sparing muscle glycogen expenditure during prolonged exercise compared to placebo"
  • What is your favorite supplement and why? - Nutrition Science News, 9/00 - "I think one of the more valuable supplements on the market is the fungus Cordyceps sinensis. Its origins are in Tibet, and the medicine has long been prized as one of the most valuable agents in the Chinese materia medica, traditionally used for coughs, lung disorders and stamina."
  • Chinese Herbs Enhance Sexual Vitality - Nutrition Science News, 3/99
  • A Brief Introduction to Cordyceps Sinensis - Dr. Gilbert Ng - "One of the reasons for aging is due to the insufficient secretion of sexual hormones. Cordyceps Sinensis is, in this regard, a hormone stimulator. Morever, the aging effect is to a large extent attributed to the rise of active monoamine oxidize enzyme inside the body and Cordyceps Sinensis can effectively inhibit the rising of such enzyme. Thus, it is an anti-aging medicine which helps regenerate the organic functioning of humans"


  • Improvement in the Blood Urea Nitrogen and Serum Creatinine Using New Cultivation of Cordyceps militaris - Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2022 Mar 23 - "Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a critical public health issue with a huge financial burden for both patients and society worldwide. Unfortunately, there are currently no efficacious therapies to prevent or delay the progression of end-stage renal disease (ESRD). Traditional Chinese medicine practices have shown that Cordyceps militaris (C. militaris) mycelia have a variety of pharmacologically useful properties, including antitumor, immunomodulation, and hepatoprotection. However, the effect of mycelial C. militaris on CKD remains unclear ... nvestigated the effects of C. militaris mycelia on mice with CKD using four types of media: HKS, HKS with vitamin A (HKS + A), CM, and CM with vitamin A (CM + A) ... The results at day 10 revealed that the levels of blood urea nitrogen (BUN) were significantly lower in the HKS (41%), HKS + A (41%), and CM + A (34%) groups compared with those in the corresponding control groups (nephrectomic mice). The level of serum creatinine in the HKS + A group decreased by 35% at day 10, whereas the levels in the HKS and CM + A groups decreased only by 14% and 13%, respectively, on day 30. Taken together, this is the first report using four new media (HKS, HKS + A, CM, and CM + A medium) for C. militaris mycelia. Each medium of mycelial C. militaris on CKD exhibits specific effect on BUN, serum creatinine, body weight, total protein, and uric acid" - See Cordyceps at Amazon.com.
  • Cordycepin, a major bioactive component of Cordyceps militaris, ameliorates diabetes-induced testicular damage through the Sirt1/Foxo3a pathway - Andrologia 2021 Nov 22 - "Diabetes-induced male dysfunction is considered as a worldwide challenge, and testicular damage mainly caused by oxidative stress is its most common manifestation. Cordycepin, a natural antioxidant, has been used in the treatment of diabetic complications ... These findings indicated that cordycepin could improve hyperglycaemia-induced testicular damage by regulating downstream antioxidant enzymes activity through the SIRT1/Foxo3a signalling pathway" - See cordyceps at Amazon.com.
  • Cordyceps militaris Fruit Body Extract Decreases Testosterone Catabolism and Testosterone-Stimulated Prostate Hypertrophy - Nutrients 2020 Dec 26 - "late-onset hypogonadism (LOH) ... The fruit bodies of fungi of the genus Cordyceps have been regarded as folk medicine or health food with tonic and antifatigue effects. The extract from the fruit body of Cordyceps militaris parasitizing Samia cynthia ricini (CM) was evaluated as a novel-candidate natural product for ameliorating male andropause symptoms. To explore the effects of CM on LOH and BPH, CM was applied to rat models and cultured testicular cells and prostate cells. The concentrations of androgens in the serum and culture media were determined by ELISA. Expression of steroidogenic enzymes and androgen-related genes was evaluated by qPCR, and prostatic cell proliferation was assessed with the cell-viability assay. CM maintained the serum levels of testosterone and DHT, but inhibited testosterone-induced prostate hypertrophy. CM also increased the secretion of testosterone and DHT by primary testicular cells, with no changes in the mRNA expression of steroidogenic enzymes, but decreased the growth of prostatic cell lines. Our data suggest that CM could improve both LOH and BPH in males."
  • Cordycepin reduces weight through regulating gut microbiota in high-fat diet-induced obese rats - Lipids Health Dis. 2018 Dec 6 - "Our study suggests that cordycepin can reduce body weight and microbiome done by cordycepin seems be a result among its mechanisms of obesity reduction"
  • Cordyceps militaris Improves Tolerance to High-Intensity Exercise After Acute and Chronic Supplementation - J Diet Suppl. 2016 Jul 13 - "time to exhaustion (TTE) ... ventilatory threshold (VT) ... Relative peak power output (RPP) ... average power output (AvgP) ... Subjects consumed 4 g·d-1 mushroom blend (MR) or maltodextrin (PL) for 1 week. Ten volunteers supplemented for an additional 2 weeks ... One week of supplementation elicited no significant time × treatment interaction for VO2max (p = 0.364), VT (p = 0.514), TTE (p = 0.540), RPP (p = 0.134), AvgP (p = 0.398), or %drop (p = 0.823). After 3 weeks, VO2max significantly improved (p = 0.042) in MR (+4.8 ml·kg-1·min-1), but not PL (+0.9 ml·kg-1·min-1). Analysis of 95% confidence intervals revealed significant improvements in TTE after 1- (+28.1 s) and 3 weeks (+69.8 s) in MR, but not PL, with additional improvements in VO2max (+4.8 ml·kg-1·min-1) and VT (+0.7 l·min-1) after 3 weeks" - [Nutra USA]
  • Antidepressant-like effects of cordycepin in a mice model of chronic unpredictable mild stress - Evid Based Complement Alternat Med. 2014;2014:438506 - "This study is attempted to investigate whether cordycepin (COR) possesses beneficial effects on chronic unpredictable mild stress- (CUMS-) induced behavioral deficits (depression-like behaviors) and explore the possible mechanisms ... COR remarkably improved depression-like behavior in CUMS mice and its antidepressant activity is mediated, at least in part, by the upregulating BDNF and downregulating 5-HT2AR levels and inflammation in hippocampus"
  • Antidepressant-Like Effect of Cordyceps sinensis in the Mouse Tail Suspension Test - Biol Pharm Bull. 2007 Sep;30(9):1758-62 - "Cordyceps sinensis (CS) has been known as a component of traditional medicines that elicit various biological effects such as anti-fatigue, immunomodulatory, and hypoglycemic actions. Since it has been well-established that fatigue is closely related to depression, we used the tail suspension test (TST) in mice to examine the antidepressant-like effects of hot water extract (HWCS) and supercritical fluid extract (SCCS) of CS ... these results suggest that SCCS may elicit an antidepressant-like effect by affecting the adrenergic and dopaminergic systems, but not by affecting the serotonergic system"
  • Anti-oxidation activity of different types of natural Cordyceps sinensis and cultured Cordyceps mycelia - Phytomedicine 2001 May;8(3):207-12 - "Cordyceps, in general, possesses a strong anti-oxidation activity in all assays tested"