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Collagen UC-II

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  • Hydrolyzed Chicken Meat Extract Attenuates Neuroinflammation and Cognitive Impairment in Middle-Aged Mouse by Regulating M1/M2 Microglial Polarization - J Agric Food Chem 2021 Aug 17 - "Aging is the most common cause of several neurodegenerative disorders, such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The pathological hallmarks of age-dependent neuropathology consist of chronic neuroinflammation, oxidative stress, gliosis, learning disability, and cognitive decline. A novel hydrolyzed bioactive peptide mixture extracted from chicken meat, that is, hydrolyzed chicken extract (HCE) has been previously demonstrated to exert neuroprotective effects in rodents and humans. However, the mechanism of HCE on age-related neurological disorders remains unclear. Herein, we aimed to clarify the impact and mechanism of isolated bioactive components (BCs) from HCE on age-dependent neuroinflammation and cognitive impairment in middle-aged mice. We found that both BC and HCE supplementation ameliorated age-induced memory loss, alleviated hippocampal neuroinflammation and oxidative stress, followed by promoting hippocampal neurogenesis in mice. BC and HCE treatment also ameliorated age-dependent morphological anomalies and alleviated microgliosis and astrogliosis. In parallel, BC and HCE treatment showed a significant decrease in the NF-κB p65 and p38 MAPK signaling, which were associated with the enhancement of antioxidative enzymes activities. Furthermore, BC treatment attenuated the neuroinflammatory phenotypes by the decrease in M1-polarized microglia and the increase in M2-polarized microglia in vivo and in vitro. In addition, we found that cyclo(Phe-Phe), one of the cyclopeptides purified from BC, showed notable anti-inflammatory effects in BV2 cells. Taken together, BC might be used as a dietary supplement for alleviating age-dependent neuropathology in middle-aged individuals" - See collagen UC-II at Amazon and collagen supplements at Amazon.com.
  • A Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Hydrolyzed Chicken Collagen Type II Supplement in Alleviating Joint Discomfort - Nutrients 2021 Jul 18; - "Joint pain and disease affects more than one in four adults in the United States. We conducted a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of a hydrolyzed chicken collagen type II (HCII) supplement in reducing joint-related discomfort such as pain and stiffness, and in improving mobility. We enrolled adults aged 40–65 (65.5% were women) who had joint discomfort, but had no co-morbidities, and who were not taking pain medications. The participants were randomized to receive either the HCII supplement (n = 47) or a placebo (n = 43) for eight weeks ... In the WOMAC stiffness and physical activity domains and in the overall WOMAC score, the HCII group had a significant reduction in joint-related discomforts compared with the placebo group. For example, at week 4, the HCII group had a 36.9% reduction in the overall WOMAC score, compared with a 14.3% reduction in the placebo group (p = 0.027). This HCII product is effective in reducing joint pain and stiffness and in improving joint function among otherwise healthy adults" - [Nutra USA] - See chicken collagen ii at Amazon.com, collagen UC-II at Amazon and collagen supplements at Amazon.com.
  • Functional Characterization of Undenatured Type II Collagen Supplements: Are They Interchangeable? - J Diet Suppl 2021 Jun 1;1-16 - "Undenatured (native) type II collagen is a dietary supplement ingredient reported to support joint health in healthy individuals by providing relief from symptoms of stiffness and discomfort and improving mobility. This benefit is thought to occur through oral tolerance, a mechanism whereby the immune system distinguishes between innocuous material in the gut and potentially harmful foreign invaders. The presence of antigenic epitopes in undenatured type II collagen, but not in denatured (hydrolyzed) collagen, is thought to be the basis for the therapeutic benefits ... Collagen type II supplement powders (raw material) and capsules (products in the market) were examined for color, particle size, quality profiles, fatty acid profiles, electron microscopy, and were analyzed for amino acid content as well as antigenic potential via an ELISA assay. Powders labeled as undenatured type II collagen were found to have markedly different properties, including the size of collagen fibers as per electron microscopy and antigenic configuration as per the ELISA assay. As significant differences were found between products, it allows consumers and practitioners to not assume that products labeled as undenatured (native) type II collagen are interchangeable." - See NOW Supplements, UC-II Type II Collagen with Undenatured Type II Collagen, 120 Veg Capsules.
  • Oral administration of a novel hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract (BioCell Collagen®) reduces UVB-induced photoaging in mice - J Funct Foods. 2020 May - "Excessive exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) radiation causes skin aging (a process known as photoaging). This study examined whether subchronic (14-week) oral administration of a novel hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract—comprising naturally-occurring primarily hydrolyzed type II collagen peptides, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, extracted from a single source—could reduce signs associated with photoaging in hairless mice. Administration of the extract to UVB-irradiated mice led to significant increases in skin elasticity and hyaluronic acid content, compared with UVB-irradiated controls. Matrix metalloproteinase expression, transepidermal water loss, dermal inflammatory cells and wrinkles were all significantly reduced by administration of hydrolyzed chicken sternal cartilage extract. This study is the first to demonstrate that oral administration of this novel extract, containing a unique single-source complex of primarily hydrolyzed type II collagen (rather than the more widely studied type I form), chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, reduces UVB-induced photoaging in hairless mice." - [Nutra USA] - See Biocell Collagen II at Amazon.com and Biocell Collagen II at iHerb.com.
  • Novel Hydrolyzed Chicken Sternal Cartilage Extract Improves Facial Epidermis and Connective Tissue in Healthy Adult Females: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial - Altern Ther Health Med. 2019 Jun 13 - "The intervention consisted of twice daily oral administration of a supplement containing BioCell Collagen, a chicken sternal cartilage derived dietary ingredient composed of a naturally-occurring matrix of hydrolyzed collagen type-II (≥300 mg), chondroitin sulfate (≥100 mg), hyaluronic acid (≥50 mg) ... For the 113 participants completing the study, the dietary supplementation compared to a placebo: (1) significantly reduced facial lines and wrinkles (P = .019) and crow's feet lines and wrinkles (P = .05), (2) increased skin elasticity (P = .008) and cutaneous collagen content (P < .001) by 12%, (3) improved indicators associated with a more youthful skin appearance based on visual grading and wrinkle width (P = .046), and (4) decreased skin dryness and erythema. No difference existed between the supplement and the placebo for skin-surface water content or retention. The supplement was well tolerated, with no reported adverse reactions" - [Nutra USA] - See BioCell Collagen at Amazon.com, collagen UC-II at Amazon, hyaluronic acid at Amazon.com and chondroitin sulfate at Amazon.com.
  • Efficacy and tolerability of an undenatured type II collagen supplement in modulating knee osteoarthritis symptoms: a multicenter randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study - Nutr J. 2016 Jan 29;15 - "One hundred ninety one volunteers were randomized into three groups receiving a daily dose of UC-II (40 mg), GC (1500 mg G & 1200 mg C), or placebo for a 180-day period ... Western Ontario McMaster Universities Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) ... Lequesne Functional Index (LFI), the Visual Analog Scale (VAS) for pain ... At day 180, the UC-II group demonstrated a significant reduction in overall WOMAC score compared to placebo (p = 0.002) and GC (p = 0.04). Supplementation with UC-II also resulted in significant changes for all three WOMAC subscales: pain (p = 0.0003 vs. placebo; p = 0.016 vs. GC); stiffness (p = 0.004 vs. placebo; p = 0.044 vs. GC); physical function (p = 0.007 vs. placebo)" - See collagen UC-II at Amazon.
  • Undenatured type II collagen (UC-II®) for joint support: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study in healthy volunteers - J Int Soc Sports Nutr. 2013 Oct 24;10(1):48 - "After 120 days of supplementation, subjects in the UC-II group exhibited a statistically significant improvement in average knee extension compared to placebo (81.0 ± 1.3º vs 74.0 ± 2.2º; p = 0.011) and to baseline (81.0 ± 1.3º vs 73.2 ± 1.9º; p = 0.002). The UC-II cohort also demonstrated a statistically significant change in average knee extension at day 90 (78.8 ± 1.9º vs 73.2 ± 1.9º; p = 0.045) versus baseline. No significant change in knee extension was observed in the placebo group at any time. It was also noted that the UC-II group exercised longer before experiencing any initial joint discomfort at day 120 (2.8 ± 0.5 min, p = 0.019), compared to baseline (1.4 ± 0.2 min). By contrast, no significant changes were seen in the placebo group"
  • Safety and efficacy of undenatured type II collagen in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee: a clinical trial - Int J Med Sci. 2009 Oct 9;6(6):312-21 - "Previous studies have shown that undenatured type II collagen (UC-II) is effective in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, and preliminary human and animal trials have shown it to be effective in treating osteoarthritis (OA). The present clinical trial evaluated the safety and efficacy of UC-II as compared to a combination of glucosamine and chondroitin (G+C) in the treatment of OA of the knee. The results indicate that UC-II treatment was more efficacious resulting in a significant reduction in all assessments from the baseline at 90 days; whereas, this effect was not observed in G+C treatment group. Specifically, although both treatments reduced the Western Ontario McMaster Osteoarthritis Index (WOMAC) score, treatment with UC-II reduced the WOMAC score by 33% as compared to 14% in G+C treated group after 90 days. Similar results were obtained for visual analog scale (VAS) scores. Although both the treatments reduced the VAS score, UC-II treatment decreased VAS score by 40% after 90 days as compared to 15.4% in G+C treated group. The Lequesne's functional index was used to determine the effect of different treatments on pain during daily activities. Treatment with UC-II reduced Lequesne's functional index score by 20% as compared to 6% in G+C treated group at the end of 90-day treatment"
  • Effects of orally administered undenatured type II collagen against arthritic inflammatory diseases: a mechanistic exploration - Int J Clin Pharmacol Res. 2002;22(3-4):101-10 - "A pilot study was conducted for 42 days to evaluate the efficacy of UC-II (10 mg/day) in five female subjects (58-78 years) suffering from significant joint pain. Significant pain reduction including morning stiffness, stiffness following periods of rest, pain that worsens with use of the affected joint and loss of joint range of motion and function was observed. Thus, UC-II may serve as a novel therapeutic tool in joint inflammatory conditions and symptoms of OA and RA"