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Recent Longevity News for the week ending 3/6/19

Vitamin D Deficiency a Brain Disruptor - Medscape, 3/5/19 - "Thomas Burne, PhD, and colleagues from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, removed vitamin D from the diet of a group of healthy young adult mice, while a control group continued to receive vitamin D ... After 20 weeks, the vitamin D–deficient group showed a significant decline in the ability to remember and learn, compared with the control group" - See vitamin D at Amazon.com.

Pomegranate Juice May Slow Age-Related Memory Decline - Medscape, 3/5/19 - "If you look at the percent change in the learning score, you can see there's about a 26% drop in the placebo group versus a 14% increase in the pomegranate juice group ... Small noted that animal studies suggest microbiome population shifts could impact memory and learning, and gut bacteria breaks down pomegranate polyphenols to produce urolithins, which cross the blood–brain barrier ... In addition to antioxidant effects, pomegranates have anti-inflammatory effects and can have anti-amyloid effects, said Small" - See pomegranate extract at Amazon.com.

Why icing a sprain doesn’t help, and could make the injury worse - Washington Post, 3/5/19 - "What if inflammation is an indication of recovery, and icing and other cold-based “cryotherapy” only delays it? ... Icing, it turns out, is like flossing: an ingrained practice that seems practical but is not strongly supported by clinical evidence. The oldest justifications for icing, dating to the 1970s, have melted under scientific scrutiny, some cryotherapy researchers say, and most scientific studies on icing haven’t provided the solid results that would justify its popularity. This is true, they say, both for icing for daily recovery and for an injury."

'Blue' in Blueberries Tied to BP Lowering that Rivals Medication - Medscape, 3/1/19 - "Eating the equivalent of 100 grams of blueberries for 4 weeks, twice a day is associated with systolic blood pressure lowering that is equivalent to the effect of BP-lowering medications ... Five New Studies" - See blueberry extract at Amazon.com.

High-Fiber Diet May Help Your Gut Battle Melanoma - WebMD. 2/27/19 - "New research suggests that a diet that's full of fiber appears to lead to more diverse intestinal bacteria (microbiome). In turn, a thriving gut microbiome is linked to a stronger response to an immune therapy for the aggressive skin cancer ... We found that patients eating a high-fiber diet at the start of therapy were about five times more likely to respond to the anti-PD-1 immunotherapy"

Pesticide exposure contributes to faster ALS progression - Science Daily, 2/28/19 - "While exact causes of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) remain unknown, new research shows pesticides and other environmental pollutants advance the progression of the neurodegenerative disease" - Note:  There is always some new guy in our neighborhood asking what to do about ants.  Most people recommend a specific exterminator.  My response is always 'Terro' which is made with borax because I worry about things like ALS and Parkinson's.  I put them the large size around the outside and inside of the house in the spring.  The ants bring it back to their nest and it kills the queen ant.

Prenatal Vitamins May Lower 2nd Child Autism Risk - WebMD, 2/27/19 - "Whereas other studies have shown that prenatal vitamins reduce the overall likelihood of having a first child with ASD, this new study suggests that mothers who already have a child with ASD can reduce their risk of having another, similarly affected child," he said ... "Although there are already many good reasons for women to begin taking prenatal vitamins … this study lends further support to their potential benefits for women already at increased risk for having another child with ASD," Adesman added ... "If the findings from this study are replicated by other researchers, then something as simple and inexpensive as taking prenatal vitamins prior to conception can significantly reduce the likelihood of a woman having a second child with ASD," - See prenatal vitamins with dha and folic acid at Amazon.com.

This Is the Best Time of Day to Work Out, According to Science - Time, 2/27/19 - "If he had to pick a best time to exercise, morning would win, Hackney says. Early workouts make the most of your biology and psychology, potentially leading to better results and adherence over time. But there’s really no bad time to exercise, Hackney reiterates, and the most important thing is finding the time to do so, whenever works for you"

Few kids' multivitamin products supply recommended daily vitamin D dose - Science Daily, 2/25/19 - "Few multivitamin products for children supply the recommended dose of 400 IU a day of vitamin D, suggest the results of a survey of 91 different products" - See vitamin D at Amazon.com.

Keeping active in middle age may be tied to lower risk of dementia - Science Daily, 2/25/19 - "women with a high level of mental activities were 46 percent less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and 34 percent less likely to develop dementia overall than the women with the low level of mental activities. The women who were physically active were 52 percent less likely to develop dementia with cerebrovascular disease and 56 percent less likely to develop mixed dementia than the women who were inactive"

Longevity: TAME study funded! Metformin Trial for Anti-Aging - YouTube/Ford Brewer MD MPH - Note:  You can never trust YouTube videos but many such as this one support the studies that I've read over the years. - See metformin at the Antiaging Store.

Abstracts from this week:

Carotid intima-media thickness and markers of brain health in a bi-racial middle-aged cohort: CARDIA Brain MRI Sub-study - J Gerontol A Biol Sci Med Sci. 2019 Feb 23 - "cerebral blood flow (CBF) ... This study suggests that lower CBF in middle-age is associated with markers of atherosclerosis in the carotid arteries. This association may reflect early long-term exposure to traditional cardiovascular risk factors. Early intervention on atherosclerotic risk factors may modulate the trajectory of CBF as people age and develop brain pathology"

Renal-Protective Effects of the Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor-γ Agonist Pioglitazone in ob/ob Mice - Med Sci Monit. 2019 Mar 1;25:1582-1589 - "obesity-related glomerulopathy (ORG) ... Pioglitazone, a PPARγ agonist, can prevent ORG, probably by reducing oxidative stress"

Hesperidin Protects Against Intestinal Inflammation By Restoring Intestinal Barrier Function and Up Regulating Treg Cells - Mol Nutr Food Res. 2019 Feb 28 - "Hesperidin supplementation ameliorated DSS-induced colitis. Specifically, hesperidin ameliorates intestine inflammation through decreasing MDA activity and enhancing SOD and GSH activities. Hesperidin also obviously upregulation Nrf2 antioxidant pathway and increased the protein expression of HO-1 and NQO1. Additionally, hesperidin significantly reduced the levels of inflammatory factors and increased the levels of anti-inflammatory factors in the colon tissues. Further analysis showed that hesperidin could improve the expression of tight junction proteins and intestinal permeability, as well as increased the Treg population. In Caco-2 cells, we showed that hesperidin prevented TNF-α/IFN-γ-induced reduced in TEER and morphological disruption. Moreover, hesperidin also was shows decreased the epithelial permeability and suppress proinflammatory responses" - See hesperidin at Amazon.com.

Predictive Factors of Vitamin D Inadequacy among Older Adults in the United States - Int J Vitam Nutr Res. 2019 Feb 28:1-7 - "The prevalence of vitamin D inadequacy (serum vitamin D <20 ng/ml) was 37.3%. Non-Hispanic Blacks were 6.4 times more likely to demonstrate vitamin D inadequacy compared to non-Hispanic Whites (ORadj=6.351; 95% CI 5.338, 7.555; p<0.0001). Also, female gender was a significant predictor of vitamin D inadequacy (ORadj=1.499; 95% CI 1.315, 1.708; p<0.0001) in multivariate models. Subjects who reported not taking vitamin D supplements in the past 30 days were more than twice as likely to be vitamin D inadequate compared with those who had taken dietary supplements containing vitamin D (ORadj=2.225; 95% CI 1.903, 2.601; p<0.0001)" - See vitamin D at Amazon.com.

Effect of Iron Supplementation on the Modulation of Iron Metabolism, Muscle Damage Biomarkers and Cortisol in Professional Cyclists - Nutrients. 2019 Feb 27;11(3) - "Eighteen elite male cyclists from two teams were randomly assigned to one of two groups: (1) control group (CG, n = 9; age: 26.1 ± 4.6 years; maximum oxygen uptake per kg: 78.0 ± 5.4 mL/kg/min) or (2) group treated with 80 mg/day iron (800 mg of iron protein succinylate ... Significant differences were observed between groups throughout the study in the group-by-time interaction and changes in serum iron (GC: -8.93 ± 10.35% vs. ITG: 0.60 ± 8.64%; p = 0.018), ferritin (GC: -13.88 ± 23.53% vs. ITG: 91.08 ± 118.30%; p = 0.004), haemoglobin (GC: 10.00 ± 3.32% vs. ITG: 13.04 ± 5.64%; p < 0.001), haematocrit (GC: -1.17 ± 3.78% vs. ITG: 7.32 ± 3.92%; p < 0.001) and cortisol (GC: 24.74 ± 25.84% vs. ITG: ⁻13.54 ... Oral iron supplementation with 80 mg/day iron (800 mg of iron protein succinylate) effectively prevented a decline in haematological parameters (serum iron, ferritin, haemoglobin and haematocrit) and maintained optimal levels of recovery in elite cyclists during the Vuelta a España. Moreover, the hematological values were shown to have relationship with muscular recovery parameters" - See iron supplements at Amazon.com.

Green Coffee Extract Improves Cardiometabolic Parameters and Modulates Gut Microbiota in High-Fat-Diet-Fed ApoE-/- Mice - Nutrients. 2019 Feb 27;11(3) - "Chlorogenic acids (CGA) are the most abundant phenolic compounds in green coffee beans and in the human diet and have been suggested to mitigate several cardiometabolic risk factors ... Although GCE did not reduce atherosclerotic lesion progression or plasma lipid levels, it induced important favorable changes. Specifically, improved metabolic parameters, including fasting glucose, insulin resistance, serum leptin, urinary catecholamines, and liver triglycerides, were observed. These changes were accompanied by reduced weight gain, decreased adiposity, lower inflammatory infiltrate in adipose tissue, and protection against liver damage. Interestingly, GCE also modulated hepatic IL-6 and total serum IgM and induced shifts in gut microbiota. Altogether, our results reveal the cooccurrence of these beneficial cardiometabolic effects in response to GCE in the same experimental model and suggest potential mediators and pathways involved"  - See green coffee bean extract at Amazon.com.

Circulating anthocyanin metabolites mediate vascular benefits of blueberries: insights from randomized controlled trials, metabolomics, and nutrigenomics - The Journals of Gerontology, 16 February 2019 - "Our results identify anthocyanin metabolites as major mediators of vascular bioactivities of blueberries and changes of cellular gene program" - [Nutra USA] - See blueberry extract at Amazon.com.

Risk thresholds for alcohol consumption: combined analysis of individual-participant data for 599 912 current drinkers in 83 prospective studies - Lancet Apr 14 2018 - "In comparison to those who reported drinking >0–≤100 g per week, those who reported drinking >100–≤200 g per week, >200–≤350 g per week, or >350 g per week had lower life expectancy at age 40 years of approximately 6 months, 1–2 years, or 4–5 years, respectively" - CBS just picked up on it.

Efficacy and Safety of Lactobacillus Plantarum C29-Fermented Soybean (DW2009) in Individuals with Mild Cognitive Impairment: A 12-Week, Multi-Center, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial - Nutrients 2019, 11(2), 305 - "Compared to the placebo group, the DW2009 group showed greater improvements in the combined cognitive functions (z = 2.36, p for interaction = 0.02), especially in the attention domain (z = 2.34, p for interaction = 0.02). Cognitive improvement was associated with increased serum BDNF levels after consumption of DW2009 (t = 2.83, p = 0.007). The results of this clinical trial suggest that DW2009 can be safely administered to enhance cognitive function in individuals with MCI. Increased serum BDNF levels after administering DW2009 may provide preliminary insight into the underlying effects of cognitive improvement, which suggests the importance of the gut-brain axis in ameliorating cognitive deficits in MCI" - [Nutra USA] - See probiotic products at Amazon.com.

Sex-Specific Effects of Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) on Bone Mineral Density and Body Composition - Clin Endocrinol. 2019;90(2):293-300 - "Women on DHEA had increases (mean ± SD; all P < 0.001 vs placebo) in DHEAS (231 ± 164 μg/dL), testosterone (18.6 ± 20.9 μg/dL), (17)estradiol (8.7 ± 11.0 pg/mL) and IGF-1 (25.1 ± 52.3 ng/mL), and men had increases in DHEAS (269.0 ± 177 μg/dL; P < 0.01), (17)estradiol (4.8 ± 12.2 pg/m; P < 0.01) and IGF-1 (6.3 ± 41.4 ng/mL; P < 0.05). Women on DHEA had increases in lumbar spine (1.0% ± 3.4%) and trochanter (0.5% ± 3.8%) BMD and maintained total hip BMD (0.0% ± 2.8%); men had no BMD benefit and a decrease in fat mass (−0.4 ± 2.6 kg; all P < 0.01 vs placebo)" - See Pure Encapsulations - 7-Keto DHEA (100mg) - 60ct.

Neat Tech Stuff / "How To's":

The best portable induction cooktop - engadget.com, 3/3/19 - "If you need an extra burner for your kitchen, the reasonably priced Duxtop 9100MC is the best induction cooktop we tested. It has a control panel with large, easy-to-read buttons that allow you to very simply adjust the power mode, temperature, and timer. The Duxtop cooked more evenly than other models we tested. In addition, it comes with a number of user-friendly safety features, including those that can prevent overheating or alert you if you accidentally use the wrong kind of pan" - Note:  I bought one of these years ago and I liked  it so much that I replace my gas stovetop with an induction one and bought an induction rice cooker.


Ever been in the hospital and they have no Wi-Fi or very slow Wi-Fi but they do have an RJ-45 jack? This will solve the problem.

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