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Wobenzym® & Phlogenzym®

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  • Pancreatic Enzyme Supplements Might Counter Nutrient Malabsorption - Doctor's Guide, 12/28/01
  • Report: An Innovative Approach to Cancer Therapy - Life Extension Magazine, 8/01 - "For cancer patients the main anti-cancer supplements are pancreatic enzymes"
  • Enzymes Can Hasten Pain Relief - Nutrition Science News, 2/01 - "Enzymes work not by stopping or blocking inflammation, but by supporting and quickening the process . . . By the third day after the operation, levels of C-reactive protein—a measure of inflammation - were threefold higher in the control group"
  • Can Enzymes Cure? - WebMD, 11/6/00 - "After seven weeks, the two groups reported an identical 94% improvement in pain and motion. From this, the researchers  concluded that the two treatments worked equally well ... The big difference, though, may be in the area of side effects. Anti-inflammatories like diclofenac have been shown in numerous studies to cause serious gastrointestinal disturbances such as bleeding and ulcers -- especially with long-term use. And indeed, in this study, two patients taking diclofenac dropped out after coming down with serious stomach upsets. The patients taking Phlogenzym, on the other hand, didn't appear to suffer any side effects at all."