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  • An easier way to remove gallstones - Science Daily, 1/18/12 - "A tiny ultrasonic probe at the tip of the endoscope locates gallstones, even small ones embedded in the organ's lining. Surgeons can use the horn-shaped "absorbing box" to get rid of fine, difficult-to-remove "sludge-like" gallstones - which the authors say can be compared with "sand sprinkled on a carpet" - by sucking them out like a vacuum cleaner ... Approximately ten percent of the population suffers from gallstones"
  • Long-term Statin Use Associated With Decreased Risk Of Gallstones Requiring Surgery - Science Daily, 11/10/09 - "Use of the cholesterol-lowering drugs statins for more than a year is associated with a reduced risk of having gallstones requiring surgery"
  • Statins Cut Gallstones Risk - WebMD, 10/16/07 - "The study suggested that overall, current statin use slashed the risk of having gallbladder removal surgery by 18% -- no matter how long a woman had been taking the drug ... Women with diabetes who had been taking statins for two or more years reduced their risk of surgery by 75% ... Statins improve insulin resistance in people with diabetes but not in nondiabetics"
  • Yo-Yo Dieting Ups Men's Gallstone Risk - WebMD, 11/27/06 - "men who repeatedly lose, then regain 20 or more pounds through dieting are up to 76% more likely to develop gallstones later in life than men who maintain a constant weight"
  • Trans Fats May Raise Risk of Gallstones - WebMD, 5/11/05 - "those who consumed the most trans fats had a 23% higher risk of gallstone disease than those who ate the least amount of trans fats"
  • Hormone Therapy May Increase Risk of Gallstones - WebMD, 10/1/01 - "women taking HRT, consisting of the female hormones estrogen and progestin, were 30% to 40% more likely to need gallbladder surgery ... Although the chance of HRT leading to gallstones was not great, the study of more than 2,200 postmenopausal women does raise concerns ... women taking statins -- the most popular type of cholesterol-lowering drug -- had a 45% drop in the chance they would need gallbladder surgery"
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