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  • Chrysin: Is It An Effective Aromatase Inhibitor? - vrp.com - "Unfortunately, there does not appear to be any effective natural inhibitor of aromatase"
  • Replenish Testosterone Naturally - Life Extension Magazine, 1/00 - "chrysin and 10 other flavonoids were compared to an aromatase-inhibiting drug (aminoglutethimide). The study tested the aromatase-inhibiting effects of these natural flavonoids (such as genistein, rutin, tea catechins, etc.) in human fat cell cultures. Chrysin was the most potent aromatase-inhibitor, and was shown to be similar in potency and effectiveness to the aromatase-inhibiting drug ... Chrysin, for example, is a potent antioxidant that possesses vitamin-like effects in the body ... Chrysin was shown to produce anti-anxiety effects comparable with diazepam, but without sedation and muscle relaxation. In other words, chrysin produced a relaxing effect in the brain, but with no impairment of motor activity ... chrysin can reduce anxiety without inducing the common side-effects associated with benzodiazepine drugs ... chrysin displayed potent anti-anxiety effects in rats, but did not interfere with cognitive performance ... chrysin selectively inhibits anxiety in the brain but, unlike diazepam, does not induce the cognitive impairment ... Chrysin may therefore offer libido-enhancing effects in the aging male by:  Increasing free testosterone, - Decreasing excess estrogen, - Producing a safe anti-anxiety effect"
  • Male Hormone Modulation Therapy  - Life Extension Magazine, 11/99
  • Monthly Updates - Hair Loss Research, 10/01 - "While finasteride (Propecia/Proscar) decreases serum DHT, it also is thought to increase estrogen which suggests that men over 35 may want to consider using it in conjunction with a systemic aromatase inhibitor such as Chrysin/Piperine (Super Miraforte), Arimidex, or stinging nettle extract, to maximize its hair growth effects and minimize potential side effects (that are listed in the PDR) such as Gynocaemastia (breast enlargement in males), sexual side effects, and an increase in fat deposition. These compounds have been reliably shown to increase testosterone and reduce excess estrogen, resulting in a youthful hormone profile that optimizes immune function and to some degree, body composition"


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