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Aloe (Aloe barbadensis)

Specific Recommendations:

News & Research:

  • Aloe Vera Reduces Severity of Dermatitis After Radiotherapy - Medscape, 9/5/12
  • Oral Aloe Vera for Treatment of Diabetes Mellitus and Dyslipidemia (printer-friendly) - Medscape, 11/16/10 - "Five out of the seven studies that evaluated diabetes endpoints in humans showed significant reductions in fasting blood glucose after treatment with oral aloe vera in patients with diabetes or prediabetes;[21,22,24,25,28] the remaining two studies reported a trend toward decreased blood or plasma glucose concentrations in the aloe-treated groups.[26,27] Significant reductions in HbA1c—up to 22.6% of baseline—were seen in all three studies that evaluated this measure.[22,27,28] One of these studies reported improvements in fructosamine levels,[27] suggesting an improvement in average blood glucose levels over time"
  • By The Skin of Its Leaves - Nutrition Science News, 5/01 - "In test-tube studies, aloeride, a sugar extract derived from the whole leaf, has shown potent immunity enhancing ability. In addition, special processing of polysaccharides from aloe gel has revealed another fraction with potent immune-stimulating effects. Aloe gel also harbors a variety of phenolic and enzyme antioxidants, which may prevent UV light-induced immune suppression, keeping skin cancer at bay"